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A country of nine million, and only 71 years old, Israel has successfully established itself as a renowned leader of innovative solutions and creative developments in the high tech world. And, the extremely high number of engineers and scientists confirms Israel as a world leader in fundamental scientific research.

Full A – Z Service

Designed to your business needs, and equipped with the right resources and tools, our comprehensive workspaces and facilities will ensure your meeting agenda is played out properly and efficiently. Established connections to some of Israel’s most innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs, allow our experienced team to find the right network and opportunity to achieve business goals across various sectors & industries.

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Our comprehensive services through our partnerships are tailor made for your business needs and include business matchmaking, conferences and events, facilitating meeting venues, accommodations for individuals, dignitaries and delegations as well as government agency affiliations and expert advice in regulations and logistics.


Optimizing agriculture through technology from planting to marketing. More and more Israeli companies are collaborating on a combination of knowledge, technologies and equipment to sell agricultural projects that bring solutions (Turnkey projects) in order to raise the quality and quantity of agricultural produce.

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Using Technology to prevent and repair environmental hazards. Israel has about 250 cleantech companies. This area is developing fast growth rate with electric power companies, energy companies and others.

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Today there are about 250 companies operating in Israel in the field of Fintech, which include: payment technologies, loans, capital management and savings, money transfers and virtual currencies.

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Digital Health

By the end of the 1990s, Israel was home to more than 200 life science companies. With steady growth over the last decade (some 80 new companies formed each year), Israel has introduced creativity and innovation into the field; today there are over 1500 active companies.


During the last two decades, Israeli companies have been on the leading edge of innovation in the health and wellness industries, helping to fuel the growth of this $770 billion market. Segments in this dynamic market include Vitamins & Minerals, Herbs & Botanicals, Sports Nutrition, Natural & Organic, as well as Functional Foods – and there are innovative Israeli companies active in all of these sectors.

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Homeland Security & Aerospace

Israel’s national security relies on innovative, cutting edge technologies, operationally proven methodologies and comprehensive manpower training and qualification. The solutions provided by Israeli companies in this sector are often customized and adjusted, to meet specific customer requirements. The country's continuous needs in countering terror and managing emergencies create a unique platform for Israel's HLS companies to test their new technologies in the field.


Israeli Watertech is spearheading the shift towards sustainable water management through a broad range of technologies: Energy-efficient desalination that turns sea and brackish water into freshwater; environmentally-friendly biological wastewater treatment for cost-efficient water reclamation; smart irrigation for reduced water consumption and increased crop yield; and remote leak detection for reduced wastefulness.

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Mobility & Smart Cities

Vehicles and mobility will change dramatically over the next decade, as a result of technological advances, changes in regulations and consumer behavior. These fundamental changes will allow new players and business models to penetrate markets independently. This is ideal for Israeli companies, with creative solutions which support changes in the industry. Although Israel does not manufacture vehicles at a large scale, it has become a global laboratory for autonomous and smart transportation. Israeli companies, known for their innovation, are leaders in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies.

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Innovation Ecosystems

Our smaller ballroom features 12.5-foot ceilings, multiple entrances, and flexible space for events of any style. Our smaller ballroom features 12.5-foot ceilings, multiple entrances, and flexible space for events of any style.


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